Friday, April 12, 2019

Easter day!!!!

Hey bloggers!!!
Today is a really fun day in my class and I have just finished something really cool! It is a hat for our hat parade where doing. (If it stops raining(-_-)

but anyway I will put in A picture(s) right here
these are both my hats (2nd ones blurry though)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

how many ways you can make 25!

My Mum's ways: 20 + 5 20 + 5 19 + 6 18 + 7   17 + 8   30 - 5 35 - 10

My Ways ways: 25 x 1     24 + 1      23 + 2        22 + 3    21 + 4      50 divided by 2        (28 x 1) - 3      29 - 4      this does take awhile so I gave up :P

ask your friends or family how you can make the number 25!
But you dont have to, it does take a while to do this! okay until next time!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Student Summit

Hi guys today I will talk about Student Summit!

It is a place I just finished at today, so basically what you do is you go to a school and you find out and learn about new sights you may or may not know about! And the people there (kids) run some of the sights and stands that we could check out.

And the people there show you how to use it and you get to test it yourself after! And then the best bit of it all, you get to choose which one's you go to!

My favourite one I went to is Scratch because: 1 my friend from my local park was running it, 2 I like coding as a hobby (and i'm kinda good at it too.) 3 coding is just fun, and I like scratch to do it, because it is really easy to use, and its just fun.

And so that was my review on Student Summit.
Comment: have you been to student Summit? When?

Thursday, April 4, 2019

how to do grid method!

Hey bloggers! 

Today I will show you how to do a grid method  just like this one I did at maths time today! (multiplication)

So first have a grid like that, and then you grab a double (or single) digit number, and then you go for example 3 x 30 + 9  get the answers and then add them up in my box below in the picture.


Friday, March 29, 2019

If I were to make my own animal it would be...

If I were to make my own animal it would be... a  Dog - Aphent!

As tall as an elephant  and as fierce as a stray dog! it could be kind of like a superhero dog, I mean it could be in some ways. Like with its giant feet it can stomp on bad guys! and the food my animal would eat, hmmmmm I think I would give it, some dog food and then mix it with carrots because the carrots are healthy, and since it has a dog head it will eat the dog food!

And, this would make a good pet because, it is pretty big so it want really have to come inside so it doesn't do its *business*  on the floor and it will do it outside! And I think that is a bonus for having a pet like this!

do you like my pet?

question me, what would your pet be?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

how to do the chunking method in math!

this week, actually yesterday I learnt how to do something called the chunking method and it goes like this:

say the problem was 68 divided by four it is this (I think)

I hope that you found this useful in some sort of way, because when I learnt it I was pretty surprised with how easy I found it at the start of doing! But at first it might be a bit hard to understand but that is fine! Just keep practising and practicing!

Friday, March 15, 2019

How to draw a line graph, and dot plot

This is how you draw a dot plot!

Step 1. Grab some paper and some info about something.

Step 2. Draw a BIG L shape kind of thing.

Step 3. Write the lowest to the highest numbers on the side.

Step 4. And then you draw dots up to that number that it goes up to.

Step 5. Draw the name of the chart slash info then you are done!

And now this is how you draw a line graph

It is pretty much the same but what you will have to do instead of going up to the number of things with dots you make a giant line! So yea it is pretty much the same but there is just that slight difference in the lines and dots!

But apart from that, See you soon blogger's!
 This is a dot plot!

 And this is a line graph!