Monday, May 21, 2018

the honest truth book

we are starting a new bokk called the honest truth, and it is about a that runs away

Friday, May 18, 2018

welcome to the blog this may be a bit far down though i cant control it

my math this week

 This is my math work from tuesday io have learnt how to add up big numbers
like 132+132 for example it will equal 264 but then you can go higher with the
  numbers like into the thousands for example 1111+1111 will equal 2222. my
  is i start at the end of the number and add the two numbers together and if they
equal anything over ten then i carry the amount until it is a nine then keep adding the numbers until i get the answer at the end! i found this hard at first but i proggresed.

Friday, May 11, 2018

non chronological report

my bag report (non chronological)
This is a bag for camping for long amouts of times or even just one night.
This bag has specail features like water proof for if your going for a walk and your bag falls of nothing
inside will be damp and it is indistructable.

There were 24 people around the world to trial the bag but they did not go camping they went for a walk
around the block so all the people went to the block and they fell stumbled in puddles and nothing
happened to the bag it was inustructable!

Look it was a bag designied to look good aswell so when you wen in public it would look good and be really

Matierial the bag is made of really nice and srtrong leather and on top it was coated witjh water proof cotton
for landing if you fall so nothing breaks eather.
Cost it will be near nine/eleven dollars for the shoe because of the features and protection.

This all together is called the campomatic 20,000 and is really good probalbly the best camping bag in the
world because who would ever recreate a bag as good as this not to brag or anything like that though.

This bag is a 100/100
this is my non chronological report about my one of a kind bag
. i have been learning how to right a non chron (non chronological) report
. i have learnt that non chron is a made up story like fairy tales
.i found that i strugle with remembering to end with a conclusion and wrighting in third person.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

my art work

                                                                             hi this is Eamon as an artist and if you can see there
                                                                             are words describeing what makes me well just plane

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Success Criteria
Explanation Writing

I have used a general statement to introduce the topic.

My writing explains how one thing leads to another.

I have used the present tense

I have written in time order (When…First…Then…After…Finally)

I have used causal connectives ( So…If…This causes…This makes…therefore …)

I have written in third person (I haven’t used the word ‘YOU’)

What I am proud of in my writing today:
that i've done my best and did the most writing i could and explained the most i could.
What I can do to improve my writing next time:
try to use les of the word you because i want to wright a good third person story!!

welcome to the time traveller 200,000 im going to show the user how to use this time machine yes i know the user probably knows how to use it but i’m going to show the user all the other cool features that this time machine has like safety and also dangerous things that could happen.
time traveller how to.
SAFETY: never use if the user is using an electronic device, unless its a camera if using any other device, that device will interfere with the wires and cables inside the time traveller 200,000. 2: if under 11 do not use because children under the age of 11 are probably silly and will mess everything up.

DANGER: The user must make sure they have the right date and time for where the user wants to go or the user will end up someplace completely different and maybe dangerous if they are not careful.

LAST TOUCHES: This is how the user uses The Time Traveler 200000 All the user  needs to do is sit inside then enjoy the ride.