Wednesday, November 7, 2018


hi fellow bloggers! last week i went sailing and here is my story!

There were many class trIps thIs year but saIlIng was by far the best one of them all, but I was a bIt nervous on the mornIng and when I realIzed, “oh no I forgot about saIlIng!” of course I was stIll excIted about It, but I had to get ready quIck so I rushed to my room and In the blInk of an eye my clothes were on and I was ready for saIlIng, my mum was already awake and so now It was tIme to go go go!

By the tIme we got to school I was ready and I was so excIted about goIng saIlIng, but there was only one problem, I forgot my jacket. I was worrIed out of my mInd that I was goIng to get cold! But I slowed my braIn down from rushIng and thInkIng of a solutIon, but then I realIzed, It was perfectly sunny so I thought “I guess I don’t need my jacket” so I was okay! And now fInally the bus rIde I’ll never forget came the best bus of all!

My class hopped on the bus and we were all so excIted and happy for the trIp to lake rua the bus rIde was pretty quIck and so we were off the bus and at lake rua! We were expectIng a longer bus rIde but we were all pretty happy that It was short because now we get more tIme saIlIng and less tIme on the bus.

It was tIme to learn about  how to get the boat workIng but there was one thIng, we had to make the boat our self! So that was a bIt unexpected, but It was fun to make the boats, and soon we got to saIl them IncludIng the teachers! We had to choose a partner to make the boat wIth, so I chose louIs we were not to sure about how to make the boat but we were defInItely happy about saIlIng!

So we had the boat together now so we’ve got to brIng It to the water It  was tIme we got to go saIlIng me and louIs were the fIrst group to go we had to choose who Is fIrst and I was fIrst to go and I hopped on an off I went went for a bIg rIde up the rIver loopIng around and then I was back! Luckily i didnt fall out the boat was stirdy as a rock. And then thIs Is the end we were back at school! I had so much fun and it was the best! But i was as tired as a sloth from all the sailing!

"i have a question, have you been sailing?"

Friday, November 2, 2018

my narrative work

Hi guys im back today with another post and I have one of my favourite narratives here for you and it is about my last ever soccer game, it is when I scored my last ever goal and won to under twelve's. So I had a lot of fun playing the last game I would play there, so I usually play around 3:45 till 4:45 and I always play at home even though its not a real game, but I just like practising a lot just in case I start to play again some other time at CFC, (the club I played for.)

But what I found hard when writing the narrative was trying to remember all the details about the game how we all felt and everything we did and how much fun I had there. It was also hard to try and figure out what order to put the game in because there was just so much going on at the CFC academy.

And what I have improved on while writing the narrative is I really improved on remembering to put in paragraphs and I really needed to improve punctuation, so I remembered to put some more of that in.  So now you get to read it! 

It was my last ever soccer game last month and I was in the under tens team (so for 9 and ten-year-olds) so I was one of the best people in my team, and my coaches name was mike and he was a really good coach and he taught all of us the basics and some cool tricks so that was fun. I played at CFC Christchurch football academy and I also loved playing there.

So when I was playing there we had to vs the under 12’s and we were all very sure we would lose but we went onto the field and we played ball but then will we were playing one other person from the other team was yellow carded for kicking someone's leg on purpose, so he tried to get away with an excuse but they were not buying it because the boy whose leg was kicked was on the ground cradling his leg.

And so then within moments, the game was eventually back on we had the ball in hand “or, in foot!” so we kept going but the opponent's team took the ball! And they went across the field all the way through and they went straight to the goal our goalie was ready and strike went the ball as it zoomed straight into the goal. So that was one nil to the opponent's team, and we weren't surprised they scored. Then something extraordinary happened,

The goalie passed me the ball and I ran up the field without stopping and then strike! I scored! I couldn't believe it so now the scores were tied!  My team needed one more goal in ten minutes to win so we gave the other team’s goalie the ball and we were off the game is real now not just fun and games, we had to win we had too! So the goalie passed the ball and I took the ball off the player when they were halfway down the field and I dashed over to the goal I shot and it was saved, but I wasn't gonna give up yet.

So they passed the ball again and they were nearly at the goal but then I swooped in got the ball and strike!! I closed my eyes after kicking and hoped for the best and then everyone started yelling YAY GOOD SHOT so then I knew we had won I was so happy that I got the goal that I just ran across the field in shock and joy.

And then the game was over and we won to the under 12’s


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

my cast came off!

Hello!!! as some of you may know I have broken my arm so I had to have a cast on my arm, which wasn't fun so,  I had my cast on for a good solid 4 weeks. I broke my arm on the first day of the holidays so I was in a cast for the whole holidays and two weeks of school, so I had to get my cast of eventually so I waited four weeks and...

finally!!!! the day had come to get my cast off! I liked the look of my cast though so I the doctor said I could keep it once it was off! But of course it would have a hole down the middle of it, but I didn't mind :) so I got to take it off finally! and that is the story of my broken arm, but one more thing how I broke my arm is... I don't know I was knocked out...

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

my holidays / breaking my arm

Hello, Everyone, I'm back from the holidays!!!
 And in this blog, post I'm going to tell you about my holidays. So what I did in the holidays is... movies! skatepark! and breaking my arm?
 your probably wondering "wait what?? how'd you do it" and how I did it is, I was on my trampoline bouncing around doing the usual backflips I always do, but then I decided to push the flips up a little, so I decided to challenge myself to a double backer I did I was flipping then I landed! on my arm...

So then I had to go to the hospital and It was about 7:00 at the time so it was already dark so we drove in the dark to Pegasus 24/7 hospital and I had to wait for a while then I got an x-ray then I was sent to get a cast and now I have a cast on my arm for 3 weeks.

now back to the movie, I went to the movies to watch the new smallfoot movie! I'm not a spoiler so go watch the movie your self!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

check out this cool sight!

on Wednesday my class and I used a new site we found called flipsnack it's a site where you can make a flip book, online diaramas, and you can even just edit pictures! but in the process of trying to figure out how to use flipsnack, what I found hard was trying to find out where all the things are because there are lots of things you can explore and use so I had to try find everything.

what I found cool though was getting to create and explore all the features on flipsnack, because like I said there are so many opportunities and lots of cool features to play around with. So I strongly recommend flipsnack.

Monday, September 24, 2018

my ski day!

A while ago me and my whole class and others went skiing! To get to Mt Hutt ski resort, we had to take a 2hr 30min drive! It felt like forever! But we finally got there, after a really long trip! But when we got there I found out that I could ski like a pro! which was really cool.

So I got to go up the chairlift a couple of times, which was really and also (I fell over a few times).
but I got back up and I gave it another go! sooooo... you could say I'm a pretty good skier ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

how does plastic effect sea life and the sea world?

This is my inquiry question!
What do you know about this?
My question is...

How does plastic effect sea life and the sea world?

What I think about this topic is that the plastic that gets inside their bodies is getting stuck in there lungs so the cannot breath but, it doesn't get in their gills but once the plastic is swallowed it kills them after about an hour or so. And they eat the plastic because they mistake it for food like jellyfish or something else.

If you know anything else about this you can comment it down below this and if you do it will help me with my inquiry learning as well!