Monday, September 24, 2018

my ski day!

A while ago me and my whole class and others went skiing! To get to Mt Hutt ski resort, we had to take a 2hr 30min drive! It felt like forever! But we finally got there, after a really long trip! But when we got there I found out that I could ski like a pro! which was really cool.

So I got to go up the chairlift a couple of times, which was really and also (I fell over a few times).
but I got back up and I gave it another go! sooooo... you could say I'm a pretty good skier ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

how does plastic effect sea life and the sea world?

This is my inquiry question!
What do you know about this?
My question is...

How does plastic effect sea life and the sea world?

What I think about this topic is that the plastic that gets inside their bodies is getting stuck in there lungs so the cannot breath but, it doesn't get in their gills but once the plastic is swallowed it kills them after about an hour or so. And they eat the plastic because they mistake it for food like jellyfish or something else.

If you know anything else about this you can comment it down below this and if you do it will help me with my inquiry learning as well!

Friday, September 7, 2018

my fun day being sick! not

Adventure of a Lifetime
sailing didn't see the sea monster which is good I mean that sea monster was pretty scary they were starting to get faster on the water on the  boat which was a good thing because that means there more close to land After about another two hours they found another Island today doing much much bigger much bigger so they decided to stay the night there again there was coconut trees water well, coconut milk and food ok bushes with berries on them But still good enough to eat so yeah it was staying night there Decided John said. It was the morning so they realize they would have to go to bring a few coconuts again and some berries just so they get hungry which they got hungry and starving that wouldn't be that good Cause they might die after a while ok like a week But still that's one human gone off the earth. After a while, they finally made it dry lands The Winton California New Zealand or anywhere else, in fact, they were in New York City Were they had dreams of going their whole life. But I cant dout them I would go there too! But if I had to go anywhere It would be

To be continued...

my inquiry learning

this week we went to the eco-tip and eco store it was really fun because at the eco store we had a budget to buy anything and our budget was $500 I got heaps even a bed (we do not get to keep them :(

Thursday, August 30, 2018

ice palace!

This book is called the ice palace is a book by Robert Swindells, and we are writing and remaking this book on google slides. And the book is about this kid named Ivan and he is in a freezing cold land, with a little village that he lives in. and since we have finished writing about it we decided to compare our writing with the real book and so far mine by its self, sounds kinda similar to the figure of speech and powerful words!

Friday, August 24, 2018

my speech from school T3

Should students be allowed to listen to music during study hall?

If you are a student at a school that just abhors studying and working and to relax you just want to listen to some music? But you are not allowed to? Well,

My name is Eamon and I will be telling you why I think that yes you should be allowed to be listening to music while working.

generally, think that when people listen to music they kinda focus on there work more and they do more because the can block out the noise with there own music so they can focus.

So this does not mean that the teachers should take headphones off people because if they need their headphones for something like a video teaching them how to do stuff instead of music, they won't be able to listen to it without everyone else getting distracted.

This is a good thing to listen to music because not just because they focus but because it relaxes them to do more in the time given to do the work, are you with me?

This was Eamon, thank you for listening to my speech.


Friday, August 10, 2018

keys for being a master at art

line detail color shade horizon line

If you use these methods you can do more better in art but these will not always work, it mostly depends on the time and practices you put into your art. I used these methods and I tried redrawing starry nights by Vincent Van Gogh. and I know lots of other methods tell me with a comment if you know more!