Friday, July 6, 2018

my reflection on this school term

What am I proud of this term?
I am proud of my math this term because I know I definitely improved my seven times tables and 12x’s tables I'm also better at plusing fractions and I love doing maths so I practice at school on math whizz (nearly) every morning.

How have I shown my YMS hero qualities?
  • I have left people alone to work on their own work
  • I have played fairly and haven't hit or hurt anyone to be silly.
  • I have done everything teachers etc

Things that have not gone well for me,
My spelling needs improving as well as slowing down so I hit the right keys.
And I can't figure out my 12x’s tables in different methods I can only do one way.

What challenged me?
What challenged me was trying to write more words in the long right in the time given the most ive wrote is 456.

What will be my focus next term?
Probably working either on my writing so I can do better work and on my eight x’s tables.’
Mostly on my writing so I can do way better work on writing my long wright with the correct spelling and math could be better.

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